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Taste Lab x Chef Paul Lee

Regent Taipei has invited Chef Paul Lee, after his enormous success at the 2017 Regent Galleria Gala six-hundred people party, to be its first chef-in-residence at Taste Lab, Regent Taipei’s newest dining and lifestyle space. Hailing from Southern California, Chef Paul Lee is Michelin one-star restaurant PATINA’s former executive chef; this year at Taste Lab for its first chef residency, Chef Paul Lee presents 13 New American dishes, showcasing a series of classic yet creative contemporary American cuisine. (From now until 1/31, order Chef Paul Lee’s Beef Short Rib dish to receive a free frozen Regent Beef Noodle Gift Set; a limited 10 sets available each day).

Chef Paul Lee was born in Taiwan and studied at California’s Blue Ribbon Culinary School before working at the famed Hollywood restaurant L’Orangerie, then at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon and Le Cirque in Vegas, Spanish Michelin-3 star restaurant Martin Berasatagui and the Emmy’s and Grammy’s exclusive caterer Michelin one-star PATINA restaurant. He states that his culinary philosophy is mainly influenced by his upbringing, “growing up in Southern California exposed me to so many different types of cuisines; I learned that tastes matters more than tradition.”

This free and authentic spirit is clearly demonstrated in his menu. For example, one dish combines two very dissimilar ingredients normally not associated with each other – the Foie Gras Donut with Strawberry Jam. The donut shape filled with Foie Gras mousse is accompanied by strawberry jam and frosting, creating an innovative combination of donuts and foie gras, two of Chef Paul Lee’s favorite foods. Another dish which embodies this playful creativity is the Duck Leg, Grilled Cheese, Black Truffle, an incarnation of the classic American after-school grilled cheese sandwich snack; duck leg confit, Comte cheese and truffle are placed in brioche then lightly pan-fried to perfection. The Beef Short Rib dish is a tribute to the collaboration with Regent Taipei, deconstructing the Regent Taipei classic Braised Beef Noodle dish, presenting the tender and juicy short ribs in a more contemporary fashion. Chef Paul Lee’s menu dishes range from NT$180 to NT$1,320.

All above prices are subject to 10% service charge.

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